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Drug Market

Israeli Drug Market 

Market Trends:

Demand for cocaine, hashish and marijuana, as well as heroin, LSD and ecstasy.
Since the end of the Second Lebanon War, the Jordanian border has become a gate for drug entry into Israel, in particular for heroin, cocaine and hashish.
Israel is still a transit country into Jordan, Egypt and Saudi-Arabia.  
Increased smuggling of liquid cocaine form South America into Israel, by smuggling into wine bottles, or absorbed into clothing items.
An increase in "Hydrophone agriculture", home cultivation for commercial purposes.
An increase in the number of Kiosks (24/7 convenient stores) selling dangerous substances which are not included in the Controlled Substances Act (ex. "Dr. G.").



Annual estimate of drugs entering Israel

Marijuana   over 100 tons
 Hashish   10 tons
 Heroin  5 tons
 Cocaine  3 tons
 Ecstasy  over 20 million pills
 LSD  thousands of "tabs

       Source countries:

     Drugs enter Israel from neighboring countries (Jordan,  
ypt,  and Lebanon) and from source 
     countries: Asia, Europe, South America and USA.
Jordan - principle transit country for heroin, along the  
     entire border.
Egypt - principle transit country for marijuana, in 
     particular in Sinai.
     Lebanon - continues to serve as transit country for 
     heroin and cocaine, and a source country for hashish.
Western Europe - source and transit countries for
                                                        ecstasy, LSD and cocaine.
                                                        South America - source and transit countries for cocaine.
                                                        Central Asia - source and transit countries for hashish.


Smuggling drugs into Israel
The main channels for smuggling drugs are the official land border crossings.Israelis and foreigners are involved in the smuggling of drugs via "air". Some are smuggled by "innocent mules".
Arab-Israelis are involved in smuggling drugs through neighboring countries.
Cooperation exists between agents in both sides of the "Peace Borders" (Egypt and Jordan).

Mobile Lab
A product of the cooperation between the INP and IADA is the mobile drug and alcohol lab.
The mobile lab allows immediate and reliable identification of drug and alcohol users through saliva tests. The lab is operated through trained police officers.

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